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Free Radio Books

Secret Signals

UVB-76 "The Buzzer" Primer

USAF EAM Broadcasts

Uno Dos Quatro (Havana Moon)

The Radio Spectrum

Shortwave Spectrum Quick Guide

Ethics & Operating Procedures

US Amateur Radio Bands

EchoLink Users Guide

Important Radio Links

Radio Intrigue

Signal Identification on Reddit

Signal Identification Wiki

Mystery Signals

Numbers & Oddities


Enigma 2000


HF Underground

The Conet Project

The Conet Project - Recordings

University of Twente Web SDR

Milcom Monitoring Post

Shortwave Info

Utility Planet

Utility DXers

The Spooks Archive

HF Propagation

Free Radio Software

AirSpy - Software Defined Radio

PDW - Pager & ACARS Decoder

Artemis Signal Identifier

Audio Spectrum Analyzer

MMSSTV - Slow Scan Television

FLDIGI Decoder

Strange Sounds

Weird Broadcasts, Transmissions, & Sounds

52 Hertz Whale

List of Unexplained Sounds

The Elusive Quackers

Mystery of the Creepiest TV Hack

Nine Strange Sounds

Bird Song Pirate Station Recording

The Infamous "Beacon of Hate"

Phone Phreaking

Project MF

Exploding The Phone

Evan Doorbell

Phone Trips


Fun With Arduino

My Arduino Sketchbook

My Arduino Projects



Friends of Strange Beacons

Free Books by Curt Rowlett

Labyrinth13 (PDF)

The Curse of Palmyra Island (PDF)

Riding On Your Fears (PDF)

(Or read them online at Internet Archive)

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 Other Writings & Works of Interest

My Favorite Movies That Feature Shortwave Radio Communications

My Experiences in the Bermuda Triangle

A Review of Laybrinth13